Firstly, did you know that there is an average of 15-20 real estate agents per suburb in Australia?

The process of shortlisting from literally 15-20 agents can be quite time consuming. Agents or salesman in general are extremely effective when it comes to earning your trust. That’s what they are trained to do. I mean that’s not such a bad thing… they could be genuine but its up to you to identify the difference between a good agent or an agent pretending to be good.

So below are 7 questions you must ask agents before you make your choice.

1. How many houses have you sold in the area in the last 24 months?

Unless your willing take a gamble, you need evidence that the agent has a proven track record.

2. How many listings do you currently have?

You need to identify that the agent is still active and consistent. If they don’t have any listings, find out why? If they have too many ask them if they have the time for another.

3. What’s your marketing strategy for my property?

Most agents these days have similar strategies. Ask them where your hard-earnt money is being spent. Ask them how your property is going to stand out from the crowd.

4. Can you provide some references?

Ask them for contact details of some previous clients. This is important.

5. How long am I going to list with you?

Generally, the agreement is 3 months with most agents which is acceptable. A lot depends on market conditions and circumstances that may be out of the hands of the agent. You may renew after that period if the property hasn’t sold or you may renew earlier. Just ask and find out the details of the terms.

6. What’s your fees?

This question is also important. The best choice isn’t necessarily the cheapest one. If they are cheap, they’re cheap for a reason. Ask them why they’re cheaper than their competition or more expensive. This comes down to their track record. If they’re charging premium, they must be achieving top results for their clients. Right?

7. Why should I choose you over the others?

Give the agents the opportunity to win you over. Identify whether they’re passionate about their jobs. Get them to fight for your business.

At the end of the day, there are agencies out there such as who can assist you with the shortlisting process at no cost.