So, your thinking about selling your most beloved possession? This is a huge decision for almost everybody and not one to be taken lightly. There are many things that need to be considered before you list your property. Preparation is the key in order to achieve top dollar for your home.
Lets take a step back and only discuss the basics, the things that stand out and make a difference when it comes to selling.

1. Find a good agent

When looking for an agent, you have to consider some important factors such as how successful has this agent been in the past? What’s his/hers marketing strategy? What’s the costs involved etc… You have to take your time as the agent representing you could be the difference between thousands of dollars in the end.

2. Kitchen

This is one place in the home that needs to stand out. The kitchen is where a lot of people spend most of their time. Simple things like repainting the cupboards or changing the handles could be the difference between selling or sitting on the market for months.

3. Bathrooms

The bathrooms in the home cannot be overlooked. A shiny well cleaned vanity or re-grouted tiles can make a world of a difference. You don’t have to go and spend thousands of dollars. The details again will get you the results.

4. Floors

The first thing any potential buyer will notice when inspecting a property is the floors. You have to ensure that the floors are good as new. If you have old carpet, get rid of it. If you have damaged boards, replace it. The floors will set the mood and could be a deal braker.

5. Outdoor

This is clearly a big one. Imagine rolling up to a house with no landscaping, the lawns haven’t been mowed and the paints chipping away. First impressions count. Spend some time on your façade. Touch up anywhere with some paint that needs it. Get rid of spider webs and weeds. Paint the front door and that’ll make a huge difference.

Don’t forget its all in the details when it comes to selling your home. Make a to-do list before listing and execute. Your returns could be substantial.